OR Circulating Nurse

Registered Nurses who either have experience as a OR Circulating Nurse, or we will train if you have experience in one or more of the following areas: Surgery, PACU, ER Trauma, Critical Care, or Wound Care. We offer competitive salary, exceptional benefits, daytime hours, full time or part time, and no weekends! These are direct hire positions. Prefer minimum of two years experience in any of these specialties. 1.   Assesses patient physiological status, including age specific considerations. A. Assesses patient physical condition (e.g. skin condition, respiratory status, mobility, abnormalities, presence of prosthetic devices, etc.) B. Reviews and reports on any abnormalities (e.g. deviation of diagnostic studies, injuries, allergies, sensory impairments, etc.) C. Checks vital signs, reviews history and physical, reviews past medical and surgical history, etc. D. Communicates / documents physiological data on health status relevant to planning operative care and patient discharge from OR. E. Assesses psychosocial / spiritual status of patient and family. F. Assesses patient knowledge level, ability to understand, and coping mechanisms (elicited from perception of surgery, age, lifestyle, etc.) G. Assesses ethnic background, cultural and spiritual practices of patient and family. H. Communicates psychosocial data relevant to planning. I. Formulates nursing diagnosis based on health status. J. Identifies patient problems / nursing diagnosis pertinent to procedure, based on assessment data and scientific knowledge for health care team. 2.  Establishes patient goals based on nursing diagnosis. A. Develops goals that are congruent with present and physical capabilities. B. Communicates / documents goals appropriately. 3.   Develops a plan of care that prescribes nursing actions to achieve patient goals. A. Identifies, prioritizes, and organizes nursing action and activities necessary for desired outcomes. B. Coordinates patient care team, use of supplies and equipment for intra-operative care, and controls environment. C. Establishes priorities for nursing actions, assigns activities to personnel based on qualifications, and prepares for potential emergencies.  Is aware of complications that may require special equipment such as special instrumentation, defibrillator, drugs, etc.)  Understands special needs of age specific patient, and/or patient with special needs due to disability or handicap. Must be able to meet the physical demands of this position. This position offers excellent pay, benefits and bonuses.  No weekends or evenings